Frugal Food: Ground Meat

Jenn@Frugal Upstate is running a series of articles about Frugal Food. The next article will feature ground meat. The only ground meat I use is ground beef. Following is one of my family’s favorite recipes, one given to me by my BFF Nancy when I had just given birth to my son (19 yrs ago!). This is on our menu at least once a month. It is simple to make, and freezes well. I usually make up two and stick one in the freezer. It is an easy meal to take to someone who needs a meal delivered to them. For that reason, I freeze the casserole in a foil pan, so the recipient doesn’t have to worry about returning a dish. The recipe calls for a jar of premade pizza sauce. I’ve made it with my homemade sauce and reduced the cost even more. I hope you enjoy this meal.

Spaghetti Pie

Serves: 6

6 ounces spaghetti — uncooked
2 tablespoons butter
2 eggs
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
1 cup cottage cheese
1 pound ground beef or pork sausage
1 jar Ragú Pizza Quick Sauce
1 cup mozzarella cheese

Cook spaghetti; drain. Stir in butter, eggs and Parmesan cheese. Press into bottom of a 10 inch pie plate. Spread with cottage cheese.

Brown meat and drain. Add sauce to meat. Spread meat over spaghetti crust. Top with cheese.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes

NOTES : Make two, one for tonight, one for the freezer. When preparing for the freezer, cover the spaghetti “crust” completely with sauce. Thaw and bake as directed. May bake from frozen, add 30-45 minutes to the cooking time.


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