Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Dating Spices

I don’t often have ideas to share, but this is one I’ve done for quite some time. I’ve been taught that our purchased spices don’t last forever. After awhile they lose their strength and effectiveness. They don’t necessarily “go bad”, they just don’t give the same punch as when they are just purchased. So, unless it is a spice or herb that I use regularly or use a lot of, I buy the smaller sized container. I also will use a Sharpie marker and put the date that I purchased them onto the container. If I notice that a spice or herb is approaching its one year anniversary (lol), I’ll place it on my grocery list and try to work it into my budget in the near future.

For more kitchen tips, hop on over to Tammy’s Recipes. This young mother has a lot of excellent recipes and ideas. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

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Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Soaking Beans

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic disorder called diverticulosis. New dietary recommendations are to eat a high fiber diet to help with this problem. Since beans are high in fiber and nutrients, I’ve been adding them to my diet slowly. However, beans can have an unpleasant side effect. Beano helps. My mother told me to soak my dried beans before cooking them to help nip that “problem” in the bud. I had heard that tip was an old wives tale. But after reading this article, I will never skip this step again. Apparently beans release a toxin (red kidney beans release the most) that can cause some very serious illness.

My tip: Always soak your dried beans before cooking and never cook dried red kidney beans in a slow cooker (use canned). I hope this spares others from any “problems”.